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SOM’s mission is to offer research and survey services that adequately meet its clients’ needs and allow them to make informed business decisions.

SOM specializes in market research, satisfaction studies, socio-economic research and program evaluation.

SOM has also developed expertise in the following areas: 

  • Agrobusiness
  • Food
  • Consumption
  • Energy
  • Finances and insurance
  • Games of chance
  • Labor and workplace environment
  • Media
  • University research
  • Health and social services
  • Public services and social marketing
  • Technology and information systems
  • Telephone services
  • Tourism
  • Transportation and road safety



1986 Company founding
The SOM adventure begins in 1986 with the opening of its headquarters in Quebec City and an office in Montreal.
1987 First entirely automated survey
SOM is one of the first Quebec companies to move to complete automation in developing a unique system for computer assisted telephone interviewing. By the end of the 1980s, this system integrates data collection and analysis as well as the production of statistical tables.
1993 The birth of a long-lived partnership with Gallup
SOM becomes the official supplier for the world-renowned survey organization, Gallup. This partnership, which is still active today, rapidly provides SOM with an international reach.
1994 SOM grows
SOM acquires Les services JTD, a Montreal firm specialized in survey research.
1997 The company is recognized by the National Bank.
SOM wins the silver award for small to medium size businesses (le Prix argent des PME de la Banque nationale), underscoring its business success.
1998 SOM is ISO 9001 certified
At the end of a complex process, SOM satisfies the conditions to obtain an ISO 9001 international standards certification, attesting to the very high level quality assurance program that the company has adopted.
2000 The Quebec Chamber of Commerce recognizes SOM’s expertise.
SOM is awarded the Mérite commercial Desjardins prize. This prestigious award recognizes the success of companies that stand out from the competition in their sphere of activities.
2000 First online survey
Always on the lookout for new possibilities that technology can offer, SOM conducts its first online survey.
2001 Company honored again
SOM wins the Global Quality of Service prize awarded by Gallup to its best supplier worldwide.
2003 A virtual telephone center: the era of telecommuting begins
SOM installs a unique network of home-based interviewers. The system and the tools developed ensure a level of quality control similar to that obtained in the company’s phone centers in Montreal and Quebec City.
2006 SOM inaugurates its Web panel
Now that most Quebec households are online, the Internet becomes an interesting method for reaching the general public. SOM therefore develops a panel of Internet users to be called on to participate in online surveys.