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A flexible approach that adapts to your needs
SOM’s approach is centered on your needs. Rather than offering pre-packaged, standardized solutions, SOM offers personalized services, developed to meet your requirements.

From full-service (turnkey) research to sub-contracting of specific services via methodological consulting, SOM will accompany you in your projects.

  • Needs identification and analysis
  • Project design and planning
  • Preparation of data collection tools
  • Sampling and participant recruitment
  • Data collection
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Report writing
  • Presentation of results

SOM’s approach is also about…

Experts in research methodology and statistics
The reliability and validity of SOM’s research and surveys are guaranteed by a very high level of methodological and statistical expertise. Our experts offer you tailored methods that meet recognized scientific standards and the requirements of the study, all while taking into account your practical and budgetary constraints.

Tools with the latest technological capabilities
SOM designs and develops its own data collection, processing and analysis software. These tools are constantly being updated and offer unequaled flexibility in adapting to the particularities of your project.

Constant focus on delivering clear and accurate results
SOM commits to providing you with information that is accurate, useful and synthesized in such a way as to help you make informed business decisions. The results are delivered in a clear and precise form that meets your needs (reports, tables, graphics, analyses, etc.).

A quality assurance program
At SOM, even minor operations are conducted with great precision and thoroughness to meet the highest quality assurance standards. Our quality assurance program guarantees that we produce reliable results.

A guarantee of confidentiality
SOM collects and handles a multitude of information provided by individuals and companies on a daily basis. In order to guarantee the confidentiality of personal information, SOM has adopted a strict policy in this area.

SOM stands out for its tailored approach, innovative research methods and for offering better value for money.