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With offices in Quebec City and Montreal, SOM’s facilities meet the highest standards for conducting the various research projects of our clients.

Our focus group facilities
SOM has two comfortable focus group rooms equipped with several complementary services.

  • Spacious air-conditioned board rooms that can sit 8 to 10 people
  • Audio-visual equipment (television, DVD reader, video-cassette player, projector, etc.)
  • Facilitation materials (white board, hanging display board, etc.)
  • Viewing rooms with one-way mirror that can sit 6 to 8 observers
  • Private lounge and kitchenette
  • Personalized reception
  • Audio-visual recording equipment
  • Note-taking
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Refreshments and hot or cold meals

SOM also offers complete recruitment and focus group moderation services.

Please note that our Quebec City facilities are located on the 4th floor.

Room 1

Our call centers

SOM has over 150 workstations equipped with the latest in call center technology. These entirely automated workstations are divided among our offices in Montreal and Quebec City as well as in our virtual phone center.

Our virtual center

During the past few years, SOM has put in place a unique network of home-based interviewers. The system and tools we have developed allow us to assure a level of quality control equivalent to what we have in our conventional phone centers in Montreal and Quebec City.