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SOM’s research team is dynamic, competent and multidisciplinary. It includes high caliber specialists in management, communications, marketing, program evaluation, sociology and statistics.

Jean Bayard
Vice-President, Professional Services, Partner

A member of the SOM team since 1989, Jean Bayard is in charge of professional services and managing the company’s Montreal office. With a degree in sociology, Jean has developed a vast experience in public opinion measurement using both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Contact Jean Bayard by email
514 878-9825
Julie Fortin
Vice-president, Communications, Partner

Julie Fortin holds a degree in Public Administration (Masters, with doctorate level coursework). With over 15 years of experience, Julie is a recognized expert in social research and policy and program evaluation.

Contact Julie Fortin by email
418 687-8025
Vincent Bouchard
Vice-president, Marketing, Partner

Since 1994, Vincent Bouchard acquired a highly diversified experience in quantitative and qualitative research. He holds a Masters’ degree and is a seasoned focus group moderator. His previous experience took him to Vietnam where he was a marketing consultant.

Contact Vincent Bouchard by email
514 878-9825
Marylène Drouin
Vice-president Human Resources, Partner

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (majoring in Human Resources) and several years of experience, Marylène joined the ranks of SOM in 2000. Initially a consultant, she is now responsible for the company’s Human Resources function.

Contact Marylène Drouin by email
418-687-8025 ou 1-800-605-7824
Éric Lacroix
Vice-president, Online Research, Partner

Eric Lacroix is a statistician. He joined the SOM team in 2007. His work experience at CEFRIO and with the Institut de la statistique du Québec allowed him to specialize in quantitative research, strategic monitoring and information technology.

Contact Éric Lacroix by email
418 687-8025
Manon Létourneau
Vice-president Finance, Partner

Manon Létourneau joined SOM in 1998. She has almost 20 years experience in administrative positions and is charged with the day-to-day management of SOM’s financial and material resources.

Contact Manon Létourneau by email
418 687-8025
Sylvain Masse
Vice-President, Information Systems, Partner

A statistician by training (M.Sc.), Sylvain Masse is specialized in computerized applications for research and analytical methods in statistics. He serves as methodological expert and is also in charge of SOM’s quality assurance program.

Contact Sylvain Masse by email
418 687-8025
Francine Ostiguy
Project Director

Francine Ostiguy holds an MBA and has been working with SOM since 1994. As a project manager, she conducts a large number of quantitative and satisfaction studies, particularly in the financial services and insurance industry.

Contact Francine Ostiguy by email
514 878-9825
Sylvain Roy
Project Director

Sylvain Roy holds a Masters’ degree in Regional Studies and has completed coursework for a doctorate in sociology. He has been working in the research field for 20 years. Sylvain also manages SOM’s omnibus surveys (2,500 studies to date) and has moderated over 700 focus groups.

Contact Sylvain Roy by email
514 878-9825
Maude Lafleur
Project Manager

Maude Lafleur is a trilingual researcher who is specialized in conducting qualitative studies and moderating focus groups. In addition to her MBA, Maude completed internships abroad (Mexico, Great Britain). She has been working at SOM since 2000.

Contact Maude Lafleur by email
514 878-9825
Corine Laberge
Project Manager

Corine Laberge holds an MBA in international management which gave her the opportunity to study in Mexico. After several years of experience in international development and in marketing, she joined SOM in 2006. Corine works primarily in the area of quantitative research.

Contact Corine Laberge by email
514 878-9825