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Market Research

Looking to design, develop or improve a product?  Promote a new service? Increase sales?  Know your clients and markets better? Evaluate the impact of an advertising campaign?

SOM can help you make quick and profitable decisions.  Our market research specialists offer you a wide range of services and can advise you on how to best meet your objectives. 

  • Portrait of your clientele (expectations, characteristics)
  • Consumer behaviour and attitude studies
  • Market and segmentation studies
  • Image and awareness studies
  • Client satisfaction studies
  • Competitive positioning of your company and products
  • Pre-launch concept, product or brand testing
  • Impact assessments for advertising, sponsorships and other promotional tools
  • Media or advertising noise tracking
  • Public relations campaign evaluation
  • Event analysis:  trade shows, expositions, conferences (head counts, participant profiles, etc.)
  • And there’s more…

Do business with SOM to get to know your markets and clients better.

“The SOM-RÉER” Specialized Survey
The SOM-RÉER is an annual syndicated survey of the Quebec RRSP market.  For over 20 years now, this survey has been providing invaluable information on the individual penetration rates of various RRSP products, the size and dynamics of the market, perceptions of products, institutions, and so on. Contact us for more details.