A loyal client is first and foremost a satisfied client

Measuring customer satisfaction and experience is the first step toward building a loyal customer base.

Îcone Measure


We survey customers immediately after a key moment, thus giving you the most reliable results and optimal participation rates.

Îcone Consult


Results are processed in real time and displayed in a live, personalized dashboard that you can browse at any time, on any mobile device.

Îcone Act


An alert and notifications system, configured to meet your needs, will provide you with fast updates whenever there is a poor result or a dissatisfactory experience. This allows you to make things right quickly.

  • Full professional support

    Through each stage of the process, our team supports you in optimizing your satisfaction indicators.
  • Questionnaire

    Custom-made for your organization by our market research professionals.
  • Satisfaction metrics

    Compatible with your choice of satisfaction metric.
  • Tailor fit for your enterprise

    From features to design, you get to choose what is best suited to your reality. The platform is fully customizable.
  • API and integrations

    Ready for full automation with our API and compatibility with the most popular CRM’s.
  • Survey modes

    SOMtab supports online, telephone and SMS surveys.
  • Dynamic dashboard

    Fully personalized and updated in real time. Visualization helps you get a good grasp of your results.
  • 100% mobile-ready

    Functional and well designed, no matter the device you’ll be using.
  • Automated survey invitations

    With automatic sample processing, only relevant customers receive an invitation.
  • Users roles and permissions

    Different users see different results, based on their role in your organization.
  • Alerts and notifications

    Sent when there is a dissatisfaction or a problem with an indicator.
  • Security and confidentiality

    Using the industry’s best standards, your data is and will remain strictly confidential.

Customer success