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Focus Groups

Focus Groups
The focus group is a data collection method that is often used in market and social research. It provides in-depth insight into a phenomenon, a behaviour, a perception or an attitude. Using a variety of techniques and approaches adapted to your objectives, SOM’s professionals moderate over 200 focus groups per year, in both French and English.

Projective Techniques
Sensitive, personal questions need advanced moderation skills. SOM’s professionals have a mastery of projective techniques drawn from psychology. These techniques help develop respondent trust and openness and allow them to drop their barriers, biases and taboos when answering questions.

Strategic Prioritization Groups
Who does not need to separate what is essential from what is accessory? SOM can show you the way with the GPS, which stands for Groupes de priorisation stratégique (Strategic Prioritization Groups). With a focus on reflection and priority-setting, the GPS can help you direct your organization towards concrete solutions or generate ideas to improve your products and services.

For all groups, SOM can provide the following services as needed: 

In terms of professional services: In terms of coordination:
  • Discussion guide design
  • Reception staff
  • Audio or video recording
  • Bilingual professional moderation
  • Refreshments and hot or cold meals
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Observation room and private lounge


For more details on our focus group rooms, see “Facilities”.