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Omnibus Survey

What is an omnibus survey?
An omnibus survey is a survey that covers several subjects for different clients simultaneously. We conduct one weekly among a representative sample of the Quebec adult population (1000 respondents).

You can insert one or several questions of your choice in SOM’s omnibus survey (called the “SOM-R”). Your questions are kept confidential: none of the other clients will know your questions or have access to your results.

Under what circumstances do you use the SOM-R?

The SOM-R is ideal when you want to measure things like:

  • Awareness of your brand and your position in the market
  • The efficacy of your advertising campaigns
  • The image of your company and your products
  • Perceptions of your products and services
  • Interest and purchase intentions
  • Current versus potential use of your products and services
  • Opinions, attitudes and behaviours of the population in a few specific areas
  • In short, any subject on which you want to measure public opinion in 10 questions or less

The SOM-R allows you to survey a segment of the population
Our sampling plans allow you to limit your audience to certain specific geographic segments. The flexibility of the SOM-R also makes it possible to survey specific populations that would be otherwise too costly to survey, by spreading your study out over several weeks.

The SOM-R: a reliable, low-cost solution for surveying the Quebec population.