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Prizes and drawings

What prizes can I win?

  • Each month during which SOM calls upon its panelists to participate in surveys, two $500 prizes will be attributed among all panelists who will have responded to a survey during that month.
  • From time to time, prizes for participating in a specific survey may be added. The invitation email would then mention it and specify the conditions for entering.

What are my chances of winning?

  • The probability of winning a $500 prize varies according to, firstly, the number of panelists who accessed and responded to surveys during the month and secondly, the number and nature of the surveys administered during the month. Depending on the survey’s length and difficulty, you can get between one and three chances to enter the monthly drawing.

May I consult the drawing rules?

  • To consult the rules of the monthly drawing, click here.

How do I know who the winners are?


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