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SOM’S online surveys

Who can participate in SOM’s surveys?

Only those people who have been invited may participate in SOM’s surveys, since the panalists are randomly recruited among the Quebec population.


What are the surveys about?

SOM does business with a variety of clients, from small businesses and non-profit organizations to large private sector companies and government ministries or agencies. Also, the surveys can deal with a wide range of topics, for example, a new product on the market, your purchasing habits, your health, etc.


How do I fill out an online survey?

When a new relevant survey is put online, you will receive an invitation by email. The message will contain a link and a password you can use to access the survey, after which you simply have to follow the onscreen instructions.


At what frequency will I receive invitations?

The frequency of the invitations varies, depending on the number of clients who purchase online surveys. Therefore you may receive several invitations during the same month but none the following month.


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