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Web Panel

Survey public opinion among the Quebec population with SOM’s Web panel.

Now that the vast majority of Quebec households are online, the Internet offers an efficient means of reaching the general public.

What is a Web panel?
A Web panel is a sample of Internet users that regularly participate in Web surveys on phenomena, behaviours, perceptions, etc.

SOM’s GOLD panel
SOM’s GOLD panel is a representative sample of Quebec Internet users. The members were all recruited by telephone using a probabilistic sampling approach which results in a higher quality panel. Results gathered from SOM’s Web panel can be generalized to the overall population of Quebec Internet users.

What are the advantages of SOM’s Web panel?

  • Measure public opinion at a lower cost
  • Reliable results that are statistically representative of the entire population of Quebec Internet users
  • Quality panelists who are compensated for their participation
  • Rigourous quality control mechanisms
    • Response cross-checking to ensure data integrity
    • Removal of panelists who are inactive or whose identity is in doubt
    • Elimination of doubles (panelists signed up more than once)
    • Elimination of panelists who display suspicious behaviour (e.g., abnormal response times)