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Web Surveys and Studies

Are your clients online? Do the people you want to survey have Internet access? Benefit from the speed and savings that Web surveys can offer.

SOM’s online surveys offer all the flexibility you need to run your projects effectively. Our software allows for all possible question formats, including adding multimedia files (images, sound, video). There are no restrictions on the number of questions you can ask, the length of responses or the number of people who can be online at once. We can program the most complex questionnaires while maintaining an ergonomic interface that makes the respondent experience user-friendly and fun.

We offer many different functionalities:

  • Survey interface branded in SOM’s colours or your own
  • Progression tracker
  • Switching to the French version at any time
  • Response-time tracking
  • Option of allowing respondent to print his or her answers
  • And there’s more…

Discover our Web Survey Demo!

Pop-up survey invitation on your site
Visitors to your website are intercepted and asked to respond to an online survey. A cookie placed on the respondent’s computer allows us to control the number of questionnaires completed from a single workstation.

Password access online survey by invitation
A particularly useful feature, online surveys with password access allow you to personalize your questionnaires by including information you have about the respondent.

The response rate is improved by sending personalized email invitations and targeted reminders to people who have not yet completed their survey. A high-performance software program helps the technicians in making corrections to e-mail addresses. Specifically, it allows automated corrections to invalid domain names. By making sure that a maximum number of e-mail invitations are actually forwarded to their addresses, we once again help improve our chances of getting an optimal response rate.

In addition, with passwords, respondents can take a break and continue their survey later without losing the information entered.

Public opinion surveys with our Web panel
Survey public opinion using our Internet-user panel.