Festival and Event Attendance Studies

As a long-time partner of festivals and events, SOM can help you measure your festival attendance and determine where your visitors come from, to properly document your next grant application.

From the smallest festival to world-class events, our methods are proven. Just ask us.

SOM's reputation for festival and event attendance studies is well established. Indeed, for many years, we have conducted these studies for a variety of festivals and events throughout the province of Quebec. From the smallest local event to major international events, SOM was there.

Thanks to proven methodologies that meet the highest standards, SOM puts in place all the mechanisms necessary for the smooth running of your study. Our seasoned field team randomly intercepts a sample of festival-goers according to a strict protocol which leaves no room for improvisation. Thus, you can count on the validity of your results.

At the end of the day, you'll know not only how many they were and where they came from, but how often they visited, what attracted them, what they liked and if they intend to return next year. Come to think of it, we offer you much more than an attendance study!

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