Data mining


In our technological world, data is abundant. But the transformation of data into strategic information is not given to everyone. It is a minefield where it is necessary to proceed methodically.

SOM collects and analyzes a multiplicity of public and private data sources to make the world around you and your business environment a little more intelligible.

Data mining can help you better understand the latest market trends, your competitive environment, customer needs or any other phenomenon that influences, sometimes subtly, your organizational performance.

Without data mining, who could make sense of the simultaneous growth of electric vehicles and sweet potatoes in Canada, the tempeh craze, the irresistible growth of spas, the exceptional road record that Quebec experienced in 2012 and the explosion... of data?

The amount of data around us is huge. We would be crazy just to let it go by without doing anything! That's why SOM offers you a specific service that decodes the deeper meaning behind it all. The result of our work is the information you need to move forward.