Focus groups


Focus groups are meetings of more than one person in which people ... focus. It does not need to be complicated to be effective...

Some people say that it is enough to see one to be able to moderate one and then teach one. It's the famous "See one, do one, teach one." Long live the autoditacts! One thing is certain, we have moderated thousands of them.

With a wide variety of moderating techniques, each adapted to your context, our trained listeners make sure that they are never the elephant in the room. On the contrary, they know how to create the ideal atmosphere for open and honest discussion. And you can be at the forefront of what your customers will finally reveal to you, without censorship.

The odds are that you will leave your focus group sessions... let's say... more knowledgeable than when you came in. And since focus groups usually take place in the evening, you will go to bed a happy camper. To make sure there aren't any misunderstandings, we will prepare a comprehensive report for your management team. Tadam!