In-depth individual interviews


You do not have enough participants to form a group? They can not be in the same room without feeling uneasy? They are scattered across the province or the country? Have you thought about in-depth individual interviews?

Intimacy can sometimes break a certain discomfort that could occur in a group context. And can uncover unsuspected realities. For topics that you do not necessarily want to discuss with strangers, this is an unparalleled method much appreciated by participants... and our customers.

You guessed it. In-depth individual interviews are conducted one person at a time, by phone or in person. During these interviews, we aim for anything except superficiality. And the topics of discussion are limitless. In this dialogue, the speaking time of the participants can be increased tenfold. These are just a few of the many benefits of this still underutilized technique that deserves to be better known. Maybe it's time you try it.