The word is dropped. Yes, we do surveys. And we are proud of it. The bad press they are sometimes subjected to does not question their incredible efficiency. Whether by telephone on fixed residential lines, on cell lines, online thanks to our panel of dedicated Internet users, or thanks to a clever mix of all these methods, we know how to methodically find the respondents required for your study and obtain the information you are looking for. So much so that, a few years ago, Gallup USA awarded us the Best Global Supplier Award for the quality of our data collection process. How's that?

From the design of the questions to the interpretation of the results and what they mean concretely for your organization (we make results speak!), while paying particular attention to the technical aspects such as the weighting and the calculation of the levels of precision, SOM gives you the true picture, one story at a time.

If qualitative methods tell you how and why, surveys will tell you more about how much, who and what, while giving you a representative portrait of your entire market. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals trained in business management, marketing, sociology, statistics and more, will make your next survey a success story.