Usability tests (UX)


In life, as in business, people like it when it clicks. But it’s not always a good idea to push the limits! If your website structure leads users to use their mouse button compulsively, a revision of ergonomics is probably long overdue. Especially considering that an excessive number of clicks can put even the most patient customers to the test.

Usability tests are what they say they are. Tests to test usability. They exist to help you achieve the coveted userfriendliness, the one that will allow you to make new friends ("user friendly") and that will earn you an abundance of "likes" on social media. And maybe some sales for that matter…

Are you from the paper generation? No problem! Even if our environmental conscience will be put to the test, our usability tests are not only valid to test websites but also forms, leaflets, insurance contracts or any other documents initially designed to be understood at first glance. Yeah, right!

Whether it's a website, the latest application or a good old paper form, SOM experts present users with a series of tasks that will inevitably tell us a lot about the qualities and shortcomings of your content.

As is the case with focus groups, we will reserve you the best seat in the house so that you can see for yourself how much it clicks ... We sincerely hope that the clicking is kept to a minimum, but you have to test to find out, right? So, what are you waiting for?