Statistical Analysis

Make your numbers talk!

Gathering data is not enough, you also have to explore it, search for meaning, draw reliable conclusions and make informed decisions.

SOM offers you statistical analyses that will allow you to:

  • Describe and synthesize the data to identify major trends
  • Test and compare data to detect significant differences
  • Regroup, organize or segment data
  • Explain causes and effects of a phenomenon
  • Determine relationships and influences between several variables
  • Validate hypotheses
  • Generalize results observed in a sample to the entire population
  • Predict new values based on observed data

One does not become a statistician overnight. Mastering numbers requires the highest level of statistical knowledge.

From descriptive statistics to the most complex multivariate analysis, SOM’s seasoned statisticians can offer you statistical consulting and analysis services that meet your needs. These analyses are delivered with clear interpretation in a language that everyone understands.

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