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New Strategic Partnership

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New Strategic Partnership

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Customer Experience Management (CX)

Make your customers ambassadors

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User experience

The experience your clients have every time they come into contact with your organization, especially during "moments of truth", nourishes the feeling they have for you.

Active listening

Active listening at all stages of the customer journey paves the way to a deep understanding of your customers' needs and an unparalleled ability to react.

Measuring the customer experience

Without a doubt, measuring the customer experience is the first pillar in implementing successful business strategies. It is common knowledge that a loyal customer is first and foremost a satisfied customer.

Measuring the customer experience efficiently

We help organizations at all stages of project implementation, from design to the interpretation of results.

CX strategic advice...

Study development
Study development

Complete design of customer survey methodology or customer voice program

Implementing the measure
Implementing the measure

Ongoing data collection from the target audience

Data visualization
Data visualization

Designing reports and dashboards to support action at all levels of the organization


Implementation of a feedback loop strategy/post-survey follow-up with clients (strategy design, manager training, etc.)

Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement

In-depth data analysis to feed the continuous improvement process

Change management
Change management

Employee engagement supported by measure (training, presentations and workshops)

Take advantage of our turnkey solutions...

Our various turnkey technological solutions allow you to realize your customer experience projects in complete peace of mind. Indeed, we take care of all the steps! Of course, your collaboration is essential at certain strategic moments.

... or technological support

You benefit from the Qualtrics XM platform or you wish to purchase it? Our team can help you with all the modules of the Qualtrics XM platform:

  • Contact management (XM directory)
  • Surveys
  • Reports and dashboards
  • SSO configuration
  • Managing access to results
  • CRM integration
  • Optimal use of Stats iQ and Text iQ features

To respond to your experience management needs, our teams are certified by Qualtrics.

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Different formulas are available:

  • Technical assistance during the implementation;
  • Complete support during the implementation of a program or study;
  • Taking charge of certain tasks, on a piecemeal basis;
  • Turnkey service;
  • Consulting services at any stage of the process.
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As a Qualtrics accredited partner, our support possibilities are unlimited. We will allow you to take full advantage of the Qualtrics platform XM™ and thus propel your customer experience management (CX) to new heights.

Implementing an optimal customer experience management (CX) strategy will allow you to achieve your goals in terms of retaining existing customers, winning new customers, developing your brand image and optimizing your costs.

Each project is unique! Contact us now for a detailed quote