Advertising Evaluation

Whether you are in the design stage, during the campaign or doing your post mortem, SOM has a range of solutions to help you improve the success of your advertising campaigns.

You are appealing to their emotions to encourage the retention of your message? Our HNL biometric solution will measure audience responses one heartbeat at a time.

When it comes to advertising, questions abound from the beginning to the end of the process. Which message to choose? For which audience? In which media? In what proportion for each medium? How often? For how long? It can quickly get complicated. And in the end, you are left wondering if they saw the message, if they understood it, if they remember it, and so on.

SOM can help you at all stages of your advertising strategies with a variety of methods. From concept testing to biometric analysis and classic advertising impact studies, including comparisons with relevant standards, we have the solution for you.

Add a bit of good old rational thought to your creative process. You may then prove wrong the saying that nobody is influenced by advertising, and even shouting on all roofs if you want!

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