Employee Engagement Studies

It's no longer a secret for anyone. Committed and happy employees are an essential condition for the success of organizations.

Since you do not have the time to stand next to the coffee machine to hear the buzz, why not implement a measure of engagement instead? It’s definitely a win-win strategy.

If customers are essential to organizational success, what about employees? After all, they are the ones who, day after day, contribute to the memorable customer experience that everyone is looking for. How to maintain their level of commitment at its highest must occasionally result in a few sleepless nights for HR managers.

If you want to rest easy, taking the pulse of employees is a no brainer. Because your employees are your most important customers, SOM applies the same principles to the measurement of employee satisfaction as those used for customer experience.

From annual evaluations to realtime measurement, we can provide you with your employer scorecard and help you see how your HR management practices and your work environment are meeting expectations. It’s time to pay attention to the buzz. Are you listening?

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