Public Opinion Polls

Have you ever heard the expression that goes like this ... "In all the events, people support our project.”?

Indeed, people who come to support a project are generally in favor of it! Even the most seasoned politicians fall into this trap. Public opinion deserves to be measured in a more methodical way, don’t you think? If not, might as well use a rule of thumb.

You have an exciting project in mind? An idea that citizens will have no choice but to support? Your impressions are what they are: impressions. Let the people decide. It’s the only way to get to the bottom of things without falling into the trap of hearsay and conjecture.

Measuring public opinion nowadays is not a walk in the park. With the decline of fixed residential lines, the proliferation of smart phones and the multiplication of screens, uncovering the subtleties of public opinion can be a daunting task. Especially that opinion can sometimes be fleeting and unpredictable.

This is why it is not recommended to play it by ear. Let SOM’s experts accomplish this feat by setting the magic of sampling and statistics in motion. Everything will be done according to best practices and with a manic concern for every detail. You have our word.

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