Sector Diagnosis

For several years, SOM has been helping businesses and sectoral labor committees understand their business sector.

Staffing needs, basic and continuing training, economic indicators, market trends, our experts pull out all the stops in order to produce an enlightened and impactful diagnosis.

If you want to go beyond what is happening in your organization and want to have a more global view of the situation, SOM has a team of experts specialized in sectoral diagnostics. Any sector of the economy (manufacturing, retail, services, etc.) can be scrutinized to identify the main trends that affect not only your company, but your suppliers, your customers and your competitors.

Our experts use a proven methodology to gather all relevant information for a successful analysis. The cost of raw materials, R & D expenditure, technological developments, labor force profile, exports, number of companies, sales, profitability and several other economic indicators are examined over a period of several years to help you keep track of all the changes affecting your sector. This diagnosis allows your company to better understand its business context, to compare itself to the competition and to identify the main current and future sectoral issues.

Whether you are a company or a sector committee, SOM can assist you in a methodical and rigorous analysis. Used as a prelude to strategic planning or simply to give you a head start on the competition, discover all the benefits of a sectoral diagnosis.

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