HNL - Biometric Research

A turnkey solution for an objective measure of emotional intensity

Rate your marketing contents… one heartbeat at a time

Measure the emotional intensity of your marketing contents and experiential marketing with HNL’s exclusive biometric technology

  • Advertising
  • TV broadcast
  • Radio broadcast
  • In-store buying experience
  • Corporate videos
  • Websites and apps
  • Video games
  • Speeches
  • and more

An Exclusive Technology in Quebec

Why should you measure the emotional intensity?

It's proven: our memory is built by our emotions. The more intense, the more we remember. A brand that generates strong emotions stands out from the crowd. The impact on brand attitudes and purchase intentions logically follows.

Yet, it is difficult to quantify our emotions. Are you 1, 2 or 3 times happier today than you were yesterday? With HNL, we can quantify emotions and help you distance the competition!

HNL diagram

Multiple types of projects

  • Pre-campaign (pictures, storyboard)
  • Postcampaign (radio, TV, web)
  • Analysis of the latest campaigns
  • Competition analysis
  • Advertising wear-out
  • UX tests (websites, video games)
  • Shopping situations
  • and more

How does it works?

While your marketing material is being shown, participants' cardiac variability is captured by electrodes that objectively quantify their emotional intensity.

It has never been so easy and affordable to use biometric data in research.

It is well known, the heart never lies!


HNL in 4 easy steps


With our panel of more than 25,000 consumers, we recruit participants from the target segment and region that suits your needs.

2HNL Lab

The tests are generally conducted under controlled conditions in our facilities in Montreal or Quebec (or elsewhere, depending on your needs). In the case of experiential marketing, the measurement of emotions is done onsite thanks to the HNL mobile technology.


A quantitative measurement is taken by electrodes while your promotional content is being shown or during the consumption experiment. A qualitative measure adds meaning to the data to give you the entire picture.


SOM experts analyze the biometric and qualitative data to give you an exclusive report identifying the main findings and the relevant recommendations.

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